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Cfwebstore® is a great base for building eCommerce websites. It comes with a ton of features but we've build some of our own features to make it even better. All of these apps and extensions came from requests and suggestions by our clients. Cfwebstore was designed to be developer friendly and it's that open architecture that has allowed us to intergrate these new features. These Apps are only available for Nucom Web Hosting clients.

These are NOT plug-n-play.
These are not simple downloads. We've designed them to work WITH Cfwebstore which means modifying some of your Cfwebstore files. The price of each App includes installation and testing.

Custom Programming
See something that's close but not quite what you need? Give us a call and see if we can modify the extension. And if you don't see anything close to what you need, give us a call anyway. We might have something you can use.


Feel free to poke around.

This is a demo site. We want you to try out each piece of code before you buy so you know exactly what you're getting. That's why we give you access to the admin and it's also why you have to purchase the Apps back on on a regular site. We're not that easy.

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Get interactive with your customers.
It's now easier than every to have your own blog. Share information with your customers and let them send ideas back with comments. This is your first step on the path of Social Media Marketing.
Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is FREE visitor tracking from Google. Our extension adds the tracking script to every page of your website. It also adds conversion code to the shopping cart so through Google Analytics you can track someone from referrer to receipt and know the cost of each sale.
Dealer Locator

Dealer Locator

Even people shopping online like the instant gratification of buying in-store. Let your customers easily locate the stores that carry your products by zooming in on the Google Map or with a local search.