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Keep your customers up-to-date.

A calendar is a quick and easy way to keep track of everything your company is doing. Customers (or employees) can do a quick scan and see when and where they want to participate.

Reoccurring Events
Have a ladies night every Wendsday? The reoccurring function of the Calendar will let you enter the event once and specify how many times you want it repeated. Every Wendsday? First Monday of every month? Every Monday through Friday from 6:00 - 9:00pm? No problem.

Cfwebstore Calendar add an Event

What if you need to change one event? Once your events are created you can go back and edit them individually.

Put a mini-calendar on your home page or in a side-bar. It highlights the days with an event, encouraging people to click and find out more.



If you're logged in as an Admin, you'll be able to add/edit events directly from the Calendar. Look for the 'Add Event' link.

What can you do with a Calendar

  • Weekly class schedule
  • Trade show events
  • Concert appearences
  • Monthly shopping specials
  • Team sports schedule