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Color Samples

Manage your color samples the smart way.

  1. Use the updated Standard Product Options to list your color samples.
  2. Upload a small and large image for each color sample (gif, jpg, png).
  3. Specify the ID number of the Standard Option on the category page.
That's it! The samples fill the page. click on the thumbnail and the big image pops-up.


Use this with Visual Product Options.

Both features use the same backend code so take advantage by buying both.



Color Accuracy:

Although we do our best to make sure that the colors posted on our web site are accurate, actual colors will vary. In addition, subtle color differences and textures may not be fully appreciated on some systems due to differences in monitors and/or display cards. Due to the fact that our products are all custom made, you need to be sure that you are selecting the correct color. Color variations will occur from the actual samples. If an exact color match is required, then please request a sample before placing your order. Once you receive your sample, keep in mind that all samples may still have minimal color variations. In addition to the above considerations regarding color, we'd like to suggest that you order all of your furniture of a given color at one time. There are sometimes slight variations between batch lots of paint.