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Dealer Locator

Brand New functions for your Cfwebstore.

Just recently made available, this module is based on and utilizes the Google recoding service and a purchased zip code database, allowing site visitors to enter their address and receive back all of the dealers of a certain product or product categories within a certain radius.

Along with the Google Map, you also get a full listing of each dealer and a link to an individual Google Map for driving directions.

Includes a complete backend where you can add new locations, search and edit existing locations. There's even an excel upload so you can do batch uploads if you have dealers all over the country.

Google Map
Google Map has become the defacto dynamic map. We've incorporated it to give instant visual perspective to your customers. You can turn the big map on/off as well as the smaller map that appears with the search results.

The map's area changes to incorporate the number of points on the map. So if all your stores are located in Southern California, the map only shows Southern California.

Allow your customers to search by categories. If you're searching for restaurant but only want vegetarian, you would choose that category.

Self Registration
Let your vendors or customers fill in your map. With the Self Registration form they can fill in all the company information so your don't have to. You can set the form to be automatically loaded or wait for your approval. If you do, you'll get an email letting you know a new Registration has been received.

View the Dealer form

Think outside the box

  • Make a map of all your favorite restaurants around town and divide them up by category.
  • You provide on-site service and decide to login all your clients so people can see all the businesses you've helped in the past year.
  • Plug in all the UPS drop-off locations in your town.