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Drop Menus

Good menus are essential to every website.

If visitors can't find what they're looking for your store is going to suffer. Our menus are integrated with Cfwebstore to display your categories down through an infinite number of levels.

The look of the menus are controlled via a CSS style sheet which you can edit directly (or we can match it to your current design). You can use an image background for the roll-overs (current example) or replace them with plain colors.

You may want to hide a category from the menu but still have it accessable. You can pass an exlcude list to the menu tag so exclude the category. You can also turn the 'HOME' page link on/off and force all the top categories to upper case.  


The menus use jquery. There's a ton of designs based on jquery menus so you can easily customize the look and feel of your menus. The menus.cfc generates an unordered list. By changing the class you can easily switch to different menu designs.