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Internal Search Report

Find out what your customers are searching for when they're ON your website.

They found your website but they may not be finding the products they want. This could be because of faulty navigation or because you aren't stocking the products they want. 

Offer the products they want.
Customers search for products they can't find. If you get a lot of searches for a products you don't offer, maybe you should offer it? This is a great way to get stocking ideas for your store.

Better Navigation
If there's a lot of searches for a product that you have, then it may indicate they're having trouble finding it in your navigation. They may have to drill down to far or category names aren't clear. 


Easily visualize your data.
Narrow down the search terms by restricting the date range or using a keyword. You can also change the graph style or print it out.  Login to the Admin of this site to check out the graph yourself.